Dr. Aaron Harada


Aaron Harada, DMD

Dr. Aaron Harada was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawai’i. He attended Queen Emma pre-school before attending Ma’ema’e school in Nuuanu where his mother is and has been a teacher for over 20 years. After 3rd grade he transferred to Hanahau’oli school in Manoa under the recommendation of Mrs. Armstrong, the 6th grade teacher, after standing out as a summer school student. Upon completion of elementary school, Dr. Harada went on to ‘Iolani School from where he earned his high school diploma in May of 2004.

During high school Dr. Harada’s extra curricular activities included three dimensional art, cross-country for which he eventually became a varsity team captain, as well as Boy Scouts in which he earned the highest rank of Eagle Scout. All of these activities proved to help mold Dr. Harada in different ways. Art helped to fulfill and develop his passion for working with his hands, he learned a strong sense of discipline from running, and gained a strong desire to give back to his community through Boy Scouts. Dr. Harada’s Assistant Scout Master, Dr. Loyd Uto, first implanted the idea of becoming a dentist in him. Dr. Uto left a strong impression on Dr. Harada including his love for his profession and working with his hands. Dr. Harada has and continues to be very grateful for the experiences, relationships and values he has gained from both cross country and Boy Scouts.

Upon graduation, Dr. Harada moved to California where first attended California Polytechnic University at Pomona (CPP) with the intent to major in Mechanical Engineering. However, after taking a quarter of classes for engineering he realized the profession was not for him. He found it lacked the interpersonal relations and ability to work with your hands that he desired from his future career. After spending the summer of 2005 shadowing Dr. Candace Wada at her practice in Kahala, he decided he wanted to commit to becoming a Dentist.

After making the decision to pursue dentistry, Dr. Harada realized that CPP lacked the environment necessary to get accepted to dental school. It was then that he decided to apply to transfer to a larger university known for producing qualified health science graduates. He chose the University of California at Irvine (UCI) due to it’s proximity to Pomona as well as it’s strong reputation and great facilities for his major of Biology. Dr. Harada earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Science from UCI.

During his undergraduate education, Dr. Harada was involved with extracurricular activities in both social and service orientations. He was also able to study abroad in Europe for a semester. The two experiences that made the biggest impression on his current career were his research assistant role at the UCI Women and Children’s Health and Wellbeing Project and his volunteer position at Share Our Selves, a non-profit dental clinic. Both experiences helped nurture his interpersonal and health oriented interests. Following graduation from UCI, Dr. Harada continued volunteering at SOS as well as continuing with his research responsibilities before attending Tufts University School of Dental Medicine.

Dr. Harada completed his Dental School clinical education in the top 10% of his class. Upon graduation, he returned home to Honolulu, Hawaii where he has worked as an associate dentist for Hawaii Dental Clinic LLC under the supervision of Dr. Lisa Wong and Dr. Roger Wong. His time as an associate has prepared Dr. Harada for the role of managing dentist at a satellite office of Hawaii Dental Clinic.