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Finding the right Mouthwash for you

Rinsing your mouth with mouthwash in addition to twice per day brushing and flossing can be very beneficial to your teeth. This helps with cavity protection, bad breath management and more!

However, with so many different types of mouthwash out there, one may ask themselves: “Which mouthwash is right for me?” That’s why the Community Dentist Network recommends following these guidelines when picking out a mouthwash: 

For children: Avoid using mouthwash before the age of six as most children may accidentally swallow the mouthwash. Certain mouthwashes contain no alcohol and are fluoridated for children, so look out for those. Make sure to always supervise children washing their mouth and teach them to swish and then spit!

For cavity prone teeth: Fluoridated mouthwash can help teeth more prone to cavities, as the natural minerals strengthens tooth enamel and builds up protection against acids and bacteria. Deep crevices in teeth that are hard to clean and more prone to cavities, so fluoridated mouthwash can help access those cracks and build long-lasting protection.

For fresh breath: Look out for mouthwashes that contain chlorine or zinc. These ingredients remove odors but aren’t harsh on your taste buds or sinuses like the high alcohol mouthwashes.

For bacteria fighting: Just like the name says, an antibacterial mouthwash is perfect for you. This will be harsher than other mouthwashes because of the alcohol, but it has been proven to help reduce bacteria by nearly 75%! These are available over the counter, and some harsher types are available through prescription for extreme cases.

For gum disease or other serious cases: Talk to your dentist about getting some prescription mouthwash with strong bacteria fighting power. These contain chemicals that help treat redness, swelling and bleeding. Unfortunately, this may stain your teeth but is most effective in fighting serious conditions.

If you’re still unsure about which mouthwash to get, check with your dentist to see what is right for you!