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Comprehensive Dental Care For Hawaii Families

  • Cosmetic/ Implant Dentistry

    Crowns When a tooth has severe decay or is chipped or broken down, a crown is often recommended after a root canal or restorative procedure to prolong the health of the tooth. Crowns are synthetic caps used to restore the…

  • Restorative Fillings

    Restorative fillings are used to replace portions of the tooth that have decayed and are therefore removed by the dentist to prevent the further spread of infection/ decay. According to insurance and patient preference, we offer both amalgam (metal) and…

  • Root Canal Therapy

    Oftentimes a toothache is caused from an infection that has reached the pulp, or inner chamber, of the tooth and therefore is compromising the health of the tooth’s roots. Root canal therapy is the procedure in which the dentist removes the…

  • Dentures

    The most conventional treatment for missing teeth is a removable denture though, of course, they’ve evolved through the years and our dentists work closely with each patient to be sure to achieve desired comfort and aesthetic outcome. Complete dentures are…