Oral Hygiene

Flossing 101

While brushing twice a day and making the twice annual visit to your dentist are recommended in order to maintain good oral health, the American Dental Association suggests adding interdental cleaners, such as floss, to the everyday oral hygiene routine.

Oral Hygiene

Best & Worst Foods for your Teeth

Although regularly brushing, flossing, and making the twice annual visit to the dentist are recommended for proper dental hygiene, for truly healthy teeth and gums,  attention should also be given to all food and drink that come in contact with your teeth. 

Oral Hygiene

A Guide to Brushing Teeth

Why do dentists recommend brushing your teeth for at least  2 minutes?

Oral Hygiene

What is Halitosis?

Halitosis, or chronic bad breath, is a strong, lingering scent emitted from the mouth. Genuine halitosis is an incessant odor that does not go away after brushing, flossing or rinsing.


Emergency Dentist in Kapiolani

The Hawaii Dental Clinic – Kapiolani office provides an emergency dentist available near Kapiolani, Hawaii. The office offers a conveniently located dental practice close to Ala Moana Shopping Center and in the heart of the Kapiolani neighborhood.

Hawaii Dental Clinic – Kapiolani
1221 Kapiolani Blvd #620
Honolulu, HI 96814
(808) 596-0837

Emergency Dentist in Kapiolani Hawaii
Emergency Dentist in Kapiolani Hawaii

Emergency dental services include a wide-range of procedures depending on the specific circumstances of each patient. Common procedures include tooth extractions, root canals, fillings, crowns, and limited treatment just for the purpose of temporarily relieving pain. The dentists and staff in our Kapiolani office are experienced with a variety of treatment options and will be able to tailor their recommendations to your medical situation, insurance status, and financial ability.

Our comprehensive dentistry office allows patients to receive the full spectrum of dental care from one location. With convenient validated parking in the building and easy elevator access from the parking lot, patients can be inside the practice within minutes. More detailed information regarding free parking for the dental office as well as specific directions are available through our website or by calling the office directly at 808-596-0837.

The office is generally open from Monday through Saturday with extended hours available by appointment. As with all the affiliated offices in the dental group we are closed on all Federal holidays and for mandated continuing education and training days.

Free consultations are offered for all new patients.

To schedule an appointment or for more information please contact our office directly at 596-0837.


Emergency Dentist in Waiamanalo

Kama’aina in Waimanalo now have a convenient location for an emergency dentist in Waimanalo. The Hawaii Dental Clinic – Waimanalo office provides comprehensive dental care including emergency dental treatment for new patients. The practice can provide care for anything related to the mouth, but patients should contact 911 or visit an urgent care medical clinic for non-dental related issues.

The dental office in Waimanalo has access to high-tech equipment and can diagnose most issues on the same day. Many procedures can also be completed on the day of the initial evaluation to ensure that patients no longer have to return multiple times to fix one specific problem.

Emergency dental care can take many forms, but generally stems from bleeding, pain, inflammation, or discomfort in any area within the mouth. Common dentistry services to provide emergency care include root canals, extractions, debridements, and basic diagnostic services. Since emergency care is limited to a specific complaint, walk-ins and last minute emergency patients can generally be squeezed in between normal appointments.

Plenty of free parking is available throughout the Waimanalo Town Center during all normal business hours. So long as patients avoid parking in stalls explicitly marked as reserved, any customer parking stall is open for public parking. There are a number of other businesses throughout the only shopping complex in Waimanalo, but patients of the dental practice will have space free during the hours when the clinic is open.

Feel free to contact our Waiamanalo dentist practice at 808-259-9454 or stop by anytime for emergency dental care or a consultation.

Downtown Honolulu Technology

Downtown Honolulu CBCT Dental 3D Machine

Thanks to the efforts of the dentists and staff at our Downtown Honolulu dental office, our town location now has a state-of-the-art 3D imaging machine available for our patients. A cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) machine uses modern software to stitch divergent images together to form a three-dimensional picture.

CBCT images have a number of advantages over traditional digital single xrays. CBCT scans use much lower radiation per relative scan dose, are significantly faster, and provide a clearer digital image. When compared to outdated film-based technology, a single CBCT scan provides the diagnosis capabilities of multiple old film radiographs with a much safer usage pattern.

As a courtesy to patients throughout the group practice, all affiliated offices are allowed to send patients to the dental facility in Downtown Honolulu to receive a CBCT scan. Depending on insurance and procedures planned, many patients can have the scan at low or even no out-of-pocket charge.

High-tech dental offices provide patients and providers with a host of benefits relative to older operations. While there is a significant cost to the group, the partner dentists believe that employing CBCT imaging in a dental practice is quickly becoming the standard of care and provides a level of diagnostic benefit that is impossible to replicate with older technologies.

Among other major benefits, the American Academy of Oral and Maxofacial Radiology views a CBCT scan as the preferred method of diagnosis and assessment of proper location for a dental implant. Our dental surgeons have unlimited access to the CBCT image and software to aid in their diagnosis, treatment planning, and procedures. Affiliated dentists can also use the CBCT to aid with pre-treatment diagnostic capabilities in advance of root canals, tooth extractions, and even services related to straightening your teeth.

Please call our office at 808-538-6522 or stop by to make an appointment for a consultation using our brand-new technology.

Kahala Mall

Kahala Mall Dental Office – Kahala Office Tower Information

The Kahala Office Tower is a five-story building positioned between the main structure of Kahala Mall and the USPS post office in Waialae-Kahala. While the Kahala Office Tower is part of the Kahala Mall property, it is a separate building with a distinct entrance.

The tower is connected to the main Kahala Mall parking lot via a walkway on the second level as well as unimpeded paths on the ground floor. Patrons of Kahala Office Tower are allowed to park at Kahala Mall for the duration of their visit to businesses within the tower. More details regarding parking at the Kahala dental office are also available.

Although the Office Tower is openly accessible from the mall, there are specific business hours for the tower building itself. Those hours are more than sufficient to accommodate patients of our dental practice. The hours currently in operation are listed below:

Hours For Kahala Office Tower
Hours For Kahala Office Tower

Within the tower, each of the five floors contains a mix of professional tenants and businesses. The dentists affiliated with Hawaii Dental Clinic operate out of a large, shared office on the fifth floor in suite 500. The office space itself is shared among multiple dentists allowing for the practice to split the cost of high-end technology and state-of-the-art diagnostic systems.

Entrance to the Kahala Office Tower should be available anytime during regular operating hours. For more information or details regarding the dental office’s location, please feel free to call the office directly at 808-735-7777 or stop by anytime the office is open.

Kahala Mall

Kahala Mall Dental Office – Free Parking

Since the inception of the office, our affiliated dentists in Kahala Mall have been able to offer free parking to all of our patients. Even with the expansion of the office to the larger space in the mall, the Kahala dental office still provides free parking.

Kahala Mall itself is comprised of separate buildings that share a common parking lot. The closest free parking to the dentist office in Kahala is immediately between three structures. The main mall itself has the closest exit near Longs and See’s Candies. Kahala Office Center is a two-story building on the mauka (ocean) side of the complex. Kahala Office Tower is a five-story building on the Kokohead (east) mauka (ocean) side of the complex.

The closest parking lot to the dental office consists of a few dozen stalls with a portion reserved specifically for handicap parking.

Kahala Dental Office - Closest Parking
Kahala Dental Office – Closest Parking

Patients are free to park in this area so long as you account for the specially-marked blue stalls for handicap parking.

Beyond the closest available-parking, the mall also provides free parking on the second and third floors of the attached parking garage. Both of these parking areas offer convenience access to the Kahala Office Tower through a series of stairs and ramps located close to the building.

All parking is free for patients who are coming to dentist. No validation is necessary.

Kahala Mall management does want patients to understand that the mall parking is only for patrons of businesses associated with the mall. Parking in the mall lot is not allowed for customers who leave the mall property.

Feel free to call our office at 808-735-7777 or just stop by for more information on the free parking available at our Kahala dental practice.


Waimanalo Dental Office – Near Gas Station

Kama’aina in Waimanalo now have a convenient and affordable option for receiving high-quality dentistry. The affiliated dental office in Waimanalo is now open in the Waimanalo Town Center just behind the gas station. Hawaii Dental Clinic – Waimanalo is a comprehensive family dentistry practice located in the heart of Waimanalo.

The office itself contains the same high technology equipment and materials as all of our location affiliated locations. Digital low-dose xrays, secure computer records, and modern dental materials are a hallmark of all Hawaii Dental affiliated offices. Our dentists and staff are also trained on the latest methodologies and treatment planning options.

Waimanalo Dental Office
Waimanalo Dental Office

Waimanalo town has a limited number of professional service providers. While Hawaii Kai or Kailua are accessible for most residents, the convenience of having a dentist in Waimanalo allows local residents to visit the dentist without spending time in traffic. The Waimanalo Town Center location for the dental clinic offers free parking and accessible hours for patients.

Waimanalo dental office is behind the gas station in the shopping complex. Patients can park in any non-reserved stall throughout the mall during regular business hours. The dentist office is also available for limited appointments evenings and weekends.

Since the dentists within our Waimanalo dental facility are affiliated with the larger group organization, all patients of our office are allowed to visit other affiliated dental offices for free second opinions or additional treatment. Our main office located near Downtown Honolulu is open seven days a week and provides advanced diagnostic imaging equipment. Additional locations in Koko Marina and Kapiolani are available for patients who prefer different schedules or providers.

Please stop by our office anytime we are open to talk to our friendly staff. You can also call us at 808-259-9454 to make an appointment or get additional information.