Dental Insurance

Cigna Dentist in Hawaii

Cigna Dental has three different types of dental insurance for members nationwide. Of those three types, only one Cigna dental plan is normally offered to subscribers in the State of Hawaii.

Hawaii Dental Clinic offices have Cigna participating dentists in Hawaii for the main Cigna DPPO and Cigna DPPO Advantage dental insurance networks. While not every dentist accepts Cigna dental insurance, at least one dentist in each Hawaii Dental office will be a Cigna participating provider and offer the lowest allowable fees for dentistry in Hawaii.

If you are looking for a Cigna participating dentist in Hawaii then be sure to verify your dentist’s status with the Cigna network. Cigna has both an online website with integrated dentist finder as well as a toll-free customer service line with human staff who can provide assistance. Although many dental offices will claim they accept your insurance, only dentists and dental clinics that are participating providers with Cigna will give you the best service and lowest allowable fees.

Cigna offers an HMO network throughout many cities on the mainland United States. Cigna dental does not currently have HMO providers in Hawaii. You must have a PPO dental insurance plan with Cigna to receive benefits in Hawaii.

There are two different types of PPO dental insurance plans in Hawaii through Cigna. The basic plan, called Cigna DPPO, offers a lower level of coverage in return for cheaper monthly premiums. The premium plan, called Cigna DPPO Advantage, offers the best level of coverage in exchange for higher monthly premiums. Some Hawaii dental offices only participate with Cigna DPPO so be sure to look for an office that is registered as part of the Cigna DPPO Advantage network if you are interested in receiving the highest level of dental insurance coverage in Hawaii.

Hawaii Dental Clinic affiliated offices are all part of the Cigna DPPO Advantage network. Feel free to contact Cigna’s customer service staff or use the Cigna participating dentist finder website to verify the level of participation for your dentist in Hawaii.