Koko Marina

Emergency Dentist in Koko Marina

With the opening of our new affiliated office in Koko Marina Shopping Center, there is now an emergency dentist in Koko Marina. The office is open different hours six days per week with walk-in and emergency service always available on a space-contingent basis.

Our dentists have high-tech equipment available for your emergency dental care. Intra-oral scanners, mouth cameras, low-dose radiographic machines, digital sensors, and a fully-integrated wireless secure network are all present in the dental office in Koko Marina. The equipment is ready to use for patient care anytime the office is open.

The Koko Marina clinic serves patients throughout East Oahu. Most of the patients for the office come from the nearest communities of Hawaii Kai, Koko Marina, and Portlock. With affiliated offices throughout the island, our dentists have a convenient location to serve you in your neighborhood. When it comes to emergency dental treatment, the location of the office is critically important to get you out of pain as quickly as possible.

Normal operating hours for the dental office in Koko Marina vary based on day of the week and time of the year. The standard schedule includes Monday through Saturday hours with extended evening and weekend hours provided. The office is also staffed throughout the day for walk-in or last-minute emergency dentistry services.

Common reasons to visit the dentist for emergency dental care in Hawaii Kai include toothache, pain, inflammation, lost crowns, broken teeth, or other trauma. Many dental problems can be addressed immediately in the office without a need for a return visit. More complex issues may require multiple visits or additional consultation services.

Feel free to stop by the facility during any normal operating hours or call 808-396-0303 for more information.

Koko Marina

Koko Marina Dental Office in Koko Marina Center

Thanks to the efforts of our partner dentists and staff, our group is happy to announce that we will be opening a new dental office in Koko Marina Center at the beginning of next month. Hawaii Dental Clinic – Koko Marina will be a full-service family dental office focused on comprehensive dental care for adults and children.

The office will be located in Koko Marina Center, behind the movie theaters and just below the Straub Clinic. Operating hours for the office will be determined by patient demand with initial hours scheduled for an extended six-days-per week.

Koko Marina Center is the eastern-most shopping complex on Oahu serving residents stretching from Aina Haina to Waimanalo. The office is intended to serve the core population of Hawaii Kai and Portlock.

Koko Marina Dental Office - Driveway
Koko Marina Dental Office – Driveway

Our Koko Marina dentists will have access to the same high-quality technology equipment as all of our other dentists. The office will initially start with a low-dose digital panoramic and state-of-the-art handheld xray units. A CAD/CAM intraoral scanner, digital intraoral camera, secure gigabit network, and a flexible operatory setup will be used to enable high-quality care from the first day the office is open.

The initial office staffing will consist of two dentists covering half-time shifts and a full complement of in-office support staff.

Please feel free to stop by the office or call 808-396-0303 for more information. Walk-ins, scheduled appointments, and emergency treatment is available.

Koko Marina

Koko Marina Dental Office – Free Parking

Koko Marina Shopping Center is a vibrant neighborhood retail center located on the far eastern end of the island of Oahu. The affiliated dental office of Hawaii Dental Clinic – Koko Marina recently opened in the center to provide comprehensive family dentistry to residents and visitors of East Oahu.

As with many of our locations, the dental office in Koko Marina provides free parking to all patients. Parking is available throughout Koko Marina Center with covered parking accessible just steps away from our office entrance.

The closest free parking lot to the dentists is on the ground floor of the structure that supports Straub Clinic and Taco Bell (on the second floor). This covered parking lot has handicap-accessible stalls as well as some stalls reserved for the Koko Marina Center maintenance and support staff.

If the main covered lot is full, the second floor lot outside of Straub and Taco Bell always has plenty of available space. A staircase leads directly from the second level parking to the ground floor immediately next to the dental facility.

Koko Marina Dental Office - Second Floor Parking Lot
Koko Marina Dental Office – Second Floor Parking Lot

Free parking is available for all customers of Koko Marina Center. The mall does use a full-time security presence to monitor parking so do not use the parking lot if you intend to leave the mall to conduct business elsewhere. For customers of businesses in the center, there is no time limit or restrictions during normal mall business hours.

A single electric vehicle charging station is available in the center of the mall parking lot. Charging is free.

For more information or additional details regarding free parking for Koko Marina dental patients, please stop by or call our office at 808-396-0303.