Dentist in Waipahu

If you are looking for a dentist in Waipahu, please consider visiting our dental office: Hawaii Dental Clinic Waipahu is a full-service family dentistry office located in Waipahu Town Center at the intersection of Farrington Highway and Fort Weaver Road. As a residential suburban neighborhood, Waipahu does not have dozens of dentists like areas closer to the heart of town. So when you look for a dental office in Waipahu you want the convenience and comfort of a quality dentist who is located right in your area.

The Hawaii Dental Clinic Waipahu office offers plenty of free parking in the large parking lot at Waipahu Town Center. Since the mall is at the intersection of two main roads, it is easy to get to our office from anywhere in Waipahu or surrounding communities. The office is also on the ground floor facing the parking lot so you can get inside within a few seconds of parking your car in the free parking lot.

Residents of Waipahu have the option of driving into town to go to the dentist. Our group also has an office in Downtown Honolulu if you prefer to see a dental office in town. But if you prefer to go to a dentist close to your home then we would be happy to see you at our Waipahu dental location. The doctors, hygienists, and staff are part of the Waipahu community and our office has been in the same building for decades.

Please consider visiting Hawaii Dental Clinic Waipahu for all of your family dentistry needs if you are looking for a dentist in Waipahu.