Cosmetic/ Implant Dentistry


When a tooth has severe decay or is chipped or broken down, a crown is often recommended after a root canal or restorative procedure to prolong the health of the tooth. Crowns are synthetic caps used to restore the function and appearance of the tooth. Our dentists are committed to working with the patient to reach a satisfactory result with a natural-looking and comfortable crown.



A bridge is a dental appliance that is used to replace a tooth or a section of missing teeth by using the existing surrounding teeth as a foundation.  With a natural look, the smile’s appearance will be restored while also preserving the alignment and proper bite relationship of upper and lower teeth. Unlike a partial denture, the bridge is fixed and can only be removed by your dentist.



Implants are the most effective, long-lasting, and attractive solution to replace a missing tooth. Implants are made of incredibly strong and durable titanium which is anchored into the jawbone.  Then, a permanent bridge or artificial tooth is fixed over the titanium “root.”  Not only do the implants look natural, but also they act as an actual tooth allowing the patient to chew in that area again. Implants are the future of dentistry so our office is ahead of the curve in realizing the importance and benefits of this groundbreaking practice.



For dull, discolored, or stained teeth, Zoom Whitening technology is our answer for a confident smile! In just one hour in office, the high-tech whitening lamp penetrates a whitening agent applied to teeth and can produce results of up to several shades whiter teeth. We also offer custom-made trays as a convenient at-home solution.