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Kahala Mall Dental Office – Kahala Office Tower Information

The Kahala Office Tower is a five-story building positioned between the main structure of Kahala Mall and the USPS post office in Waialae-Kahala. While the Kahala Office Tower is part of the Kahala Mall property, it is a separate building with a distinct entrance.

The tower is connected to the main Kahala Mall parking lot via a walkway on the second level as well as unimpeded paths on the ground floor. Patrons of Kahala Office Tower are allowed to park at Kahala Mall for the duration of their visit to businesses within the tower. More details regarding parking at the Kahala dental office are also available.

Although the Office Tower is openly accessible from the mall, there are specific business hours for the tower building itself. Those hours are more than sufficient to accommodate patients of our dental practice. The hours currently in operation are listed below:

Hours For Kahala Office Tower
Hours For Kahala Office Tower

Within the tower, each of the five floors contains a mix of professional tenants and businesses. The dentists affiliated with Hawaii Dental Clinic operate out of a large, shared office on the fifth floor in suite 500. The office space itself is shared among multiple dentists allowing for the practice to split the cost of high-end technology and state-of-the-art diagnostic systems.

Entrance to the Kahala Office Tower should be available anytime during regular operating hours. For more information or details regarding the dental office’s location, please feel free to call the office directly at 808-735-7777 or stop by anytime the office is open.

Kahala Mall

Kahala Mall Dental Office – Free Parking

Since the inception of the office, our affiliated dentists in Kahala Mall have been able to offer free parking to all of our patients. Even with the expansion of the office to the larger space in the mall, the Kahala dental office still provides free parking.

Kahala Mall itself is comprised of separate buildings that share a common parking lot. The closest free parking to the dentist office in Kahala is immediately between three structures. The main mall itself has the closest exit near Longs and See’s Candies. Kahala Office Center is a two-story building on the mauka (ocean) side of the complex. Kahala Office Tower is a five-story building on the Kokohead (east) mauka (ocean) side of the complex.

The closest parking lot to the dental office consists of a few dozen stalls with a portion reserved specifically for handicap parking.

Kahala Dental Office - Closest Parking
Kahala Dental Office – Closest Parking

Patients are free to park in this area so long as you account for the specially-marked blue stalls for handicap parking.

Beyond the closest available-parking, the mall also provides free parking on the second and third floors of the attached parking garage. Both of these parking areas offer convenience access to the Kahala Office Tower through a series of stairs and ramps located close to the building.

All parking is free for patients who are coming to dentist. No validation is necessary.

Kahala Mall management does want patients to understand that the mall parking is only for patrons of businesses associated with the mall. Parking in the mall lot is not allowed for customers who leave the mall property.

Feel free to call our office at 808-735-7777 or just stop by for more information on the free parking available at our Kahala dental practice.


Kahala Mall Dental Office – Now in Kahala Office Tower

Our affiliated dental office in Kahala Mall has now moved into a larger location to better serve our patients. The office was originally located on the Ewa-Mauka side of the mall. We are now located on the Koko Head-Makai side of the mall.

The dental clinic is now in the Kahala Office Tower. The Kahala Office Tower is a five-story building that shares the same parking lot as Kahala Mall. The tower is the taller building next to the two-story Kahala Office Center. Look for the buildings diagonally-across the parking lot from Longs.

Our dentists and staff appreciate the efforts of our affiliated dentist Dr. Michael Schwinn for allowing us to share a wonderful new space with his office. The combination of the existing dentists and staff of Hawaii Dental Clinic as well as the talented people associated with Dental Partners of Kahala mean better quality care for all of our patients.

The move to the new office location will be completed towards the end of 2017 with expected soft opening at the new location from September 1, 2017. All other information, including mailing address, phone number, parking availability, hours, and dentists will remain the same. Please feel free to call our office at 808-735-7777 or stop by our new location for more information.

The Kahala Office Tower has specific hours for the main entrance to the building itself. The image below shows the hours when the front doors to the building will be open:

Kahala Office Tower - Building Hours
Kahala Office Tower – Building Hours

Our Kahala dentists are available for after-hour or emergency care in certain circumstances, but the hours of the building itself do limit the availability and access to the office.

Detailed directions to the Kahala Mall Dental office are located here.