United Healthcare Dual Complete Dentist in Hawaii

United Healthcare Dual Complete is a PPO dental insurance plan offered throughout the country. The United Healthcare Dual Complete dental insurance plan for Hawaii allows subscribers the opportunity to choose their own dentist with a different level of coverage for in-network versus out-of-network dentists.

Most of the dentists who are part of the Hawaii Dental Clinic group network participate with United Healthcare Dual Complete in Hawaii. Visiting an in-network participating provider means you will pay a lower price for care than if you visit a different office with only out-of-network dentists.

On example of the difference between a participating provider and a non-participating provider is the cost of an initial exam with xrays. If you have active coverage with United Healthcare Dual Complete in Hawaii:

• If you see one of the participating dentists at a Hawaii Dental Clinic, you will pay only sales tax for an initial comprehensive exam with xrays. Your out-of-pocket cost will be between $8 and $12 (depending on the type and quantity of xrays required).

• If you go to a different dental office without a participating dentist then you will pay up to $218 for your initial comprehensive exam with xrays.

The same difference applies to other procedures as well. Our experienced office staff can assist with you an estimate for the cost of service at your initial consultation appointment. If money is especially tight then you may want to request that Hawaii Dental Clinic administrative staff request a pre-authorization from your United Healthcare Dual Complete insurance plan. The pre-authorization is not legally-binding, but it does offer an assurance that your dental insurance company will cover at least a portion of the cost of services. For costly dental care the pre-authorization process allows you to schedule an appointment to get care while waiting for the insurance company to send written confirmation that they will pay for your services.

The pre-authorization process is a free service offered by Hawaii Dental Clinic to patients who have United Healthcare Dual Complete insurance in Hawaii.

More information about network participation is available through the United Healthcare Dual Complete website as well as through the “dentist finder” feature of United Healthcare [ed note: this link has been removed since the dentist finder website is currently offline]. The main United Healthcare website also has full details regarding coverage, benefits, maximums, and limitations.

As of 2018, the United Healthcare Dual Complete Hawaii plan offers coverage for most necessary dental care including cleanings, exams, xrays, extractions, and dentures. The plan requires a complicated process of pre-authorization for any dental work that is considered major. All of the Hawaii Dental Clinic offices will provide a free pre-authorization service for any United Healthcare Dual Complete dental patient. Call the closest dental office or stop in for more information regarding your dental insurance benefits.